Hertz Car Rental Terms & Conditions


Hertz Australia reserves the right with notice to update Terms and Conditions at such times where amendments are required. Any amendments will be valid for all new bookings from the release of the updates. Refer to the bottom of the document for a copy of the Hertz Australia Rental Agreement that is provided locally - please note that the Rental Agreement may be amended by Hertz without notice and so the locally provide version shoudl be read and understood prior to leaving the car rental depot.


Standard Prices

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Extra drivers
  • Damage Cover (there is an excess of $3500-$4400 depending on car type)
  • Collection from downtown "metro" locations
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Taxes on included items

MAX Inclusive Prices

As per Standard Prices, plus: 

  • Damage Cover with ZERO Excess
  • Windscreen and tyre cover (except for 4WD vehicles)
  • MAX Cover available at most but not all locations

MAX Inclusive + GPS Prices

As per MAX Inclusive Prices, plus: 

  • Hertz Neverlost© GPS System


  • Out of Hours Pick Up
  • Delivery & Collection Fees
  • Fuel Purchase Options
  • Additional Equipment: Child Seats
  • Road Tolls
  • Personal Accident and Effects Cover
  • Premium Roadside Assist
  • Private Parking Charges


All rentals and renters/drivers will be subject to Hertz Australia Standard Rental Terms & Conditions and any Hertz Regional Rental Terms and Conditions which are issued with the customers Rental Agreement.


A rental day consists of a 24 hour period. Renters may be charged an extra day’s rental for each 24 hour period entered into following the return time at then current rental rates, although a ‘grace period’ is allowed of

Grace Period


0 – 59 Minutes

No Charge

60 – 119 Minutes

1/2 of daily rental charge for the vehicle

120 + Minutes

Daily rental charge for the vehicle

Note: Daily rental charge will be the local retail rate and not the net rate.


If a customer returns a vehicle early No Refunds will be given on unused days.


Rental extensions are permitted once the Rental has commenced subject to availability. These will be charged direct to the renter/customer at the applicable Local Daily Rental Rate.


All rentals are subject to a Credit Card Bond Authorisation which covers additional costs such as fuel, one way fees and optional extras. Cash Bonds are not accepted.

Metro Locations

Minimum of $100 plus any additional extras

Remote Locations

Minimum of $200 plus any additional extras

Licensee Locations

Minimum of $200 plus any additional extras


Minimum of $400 plus any additional extras

Third party credit cards are acceptable providing the card holder is present. A ‘Credit Card Authority’ form must be completed at the counter by the third party”



All reservations and bookings MUST be made in the name of the Authorised Driver/Main Renter.

Renter name on Voucher MUST match the Renter name on booking.


All Renters and any additional drivers must present a full, valid national driver’s licence that meets the following requirements. The drivers licence for all drivers must be presented at the time of rental.

1. Driver Licence must be in English. If not in English it must be accompanied by an International drivers licence or permit or by a certified English translation. Chinese Drivers Licences are acceptable but they must have a China Notarial Certificate (CNC)

a. is valid for driving the vehicle;

b. is not a learner’s permit;

c. the driver has held for at least twelve consecutive months; and

d. Satisfies any other conditions on the Rental Agreement or in any Additional Terms


Standard Passenger Vehicles


21 Years of Age

Prestige, Adrenaline, Dream and 4WD Vehicles


25 Years of Age



Where a renter is aged between 21-24 a young driver fee will apply as outlined below.

Vehicle Type

Young Driver Fee per rental day (Capped at 7 days in every 30 day period)

Standard Passenger Vehicles

$16.50 inclusive of GST (Capped at $115.50 in each 30 day period)


Additional Drivers are permitted Free of Charge providing the minimum rental age and all other driver requirements are met.

Additional authorised drivers must be registered on the authority to drive form which would accompany the Rental Agreement. There is no limit to additional drivers providing they all meet the above criteria.




A Location Fee is applicable for all rental collections at all Airports Locations and may also apply on optional extras at some Downtown Locations.

The location fee will be payable direct to Hertz on all additional items that are payable locally including but not limited to One Way Fees, Renter Protection Options and Child Seats.

The current % fees are listed below and Hertz Australia reserves the right, with notice to change these location fees at any time.

Note that any changes to Location Fees apply with immediate effect.


Location Fee %


Location Fee %

Adelaide Airport


Adelaide City


Alice Springs Airport


Ayers Rock (Airport & City)


Ballina Airport


Brisbane Airport


Brisbane City


Broome Airport


Bundaberg Airport


Cairns Airport


Canberra Airport


Coffs Harbour Airport


Coolangatta Airport


Darwin Airport


Darwin City


Grafton Airport


Hobart Airport


Hervey Bay Airport


Launceston Airport


Lismore Airport


Mackay Airport


Maroochydore Airport


Melbourne Airport


Melbourne City


Newcastle Airport


Perth Airport


Perth City


Port Macquarie Airport



The following locations will apply a Location Surcharge on collection of rental.

This fee is payable locally.


Location Fee $


Location Fee $

Burnie Downtown

$5.00 Exclusive of GST

Burnie Airport

$25.00 Exclusive of GST

Devonport Airport

$20.00 Exclusive of GST

Devonport City

$5.00 Exclusive of GST

Devonport Ferry

$40.00 Exclusive of GST


$80.00 Exclusive of GST






Hertz accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express

A credit card surcharge will apply on all credit card transactions. Hertz Australia may with notice to change this fee at any time.

Current Fees at September 2017 range from 0.88% to 1.227%.



Additional charges may be incurred as a result of the use of the vehicle or other incidents that occur during the rental. Please refer to Rental Terms and Conditions

Processing Fee

The amount payable for administrative functions Hertz undertakes including the payment of or handling of any claim for any charges and penalties such as processing traffic fines, penalties and toll way use (where Toll Cover is not purchased)


$27.00 inclusive of GST

Breakdown or Roadside Assistance

If the driver is at fault for the problem which the assistance is requested, for example, the vehicle running out of fuel, or the keys being locked in the vehicle, the charge covers the cost of providing breakdown or roadside assistance


$165 inclusive of GST

Hertz Claims Management Fee

Fixed charge to recover our costs for dealing with damage caused to the vehicle


$60.50 inclusive of GST

External Damage Fee

Damage assessment fee charged to Hertz by an external damage assessor


$60.50 inclusive of GST

Refuelling Price

If the vehicle is not filled up with fuel on return, Hertz will charge a fee per litre to refuel.

Fuel price specified on the rental agreement


The Hertz Prepaid Toll product is available for renters to pre pay their tolls for a flat fee per rental day.

The following fees are applicable Cars and provide unlimited toll use on toll roads


Prepaid Fee per rental day

New South Wales (NSW)

$16.50 Inc GST

Australia Capital Territory (ACT)

$12.10 Inc GST

Victoria (VIC)

$14.30 Inc GST

South Australia (SA)

$12.10 Inc GST

Queensland (QLD)

$11.00 Inc GST


The following Fee applies for the following Vehicles in all states

Speciality Vehicles                        Prepaid Fee per rental day

SUV/4WD/AWD (Trucks)             $28.85 Inc GST

*NOTE Toll Fees are set by the Australian State Governments and are subject to change without Notice. Hertz will endeavour to notify any changes as soon as notified.

Where a renter chooses not to purchase the prepaid toll product the following options are available

1) Customer chooses to make their own toll arrangements with either their own e-tag or set up a pass with the relevant toll company

2) Customer chooses to not pay tolls; Hertz will charge the customer the cost of the toll trips plus $27.00 (inc GST) admin fee per rental agreement.



PRAC is an optional product which supplements the Roadside Assistance included in your rate. It provides cover for the vehicle recovery and call out costs a renter would otherwise be responsible for if the reason for the breakdown or call out was their fault. PRAC does not cover the cost of replacing tyres, battery or other parts.



If the vehicle is used for a prohibited use, Hertz may terminate the rental agreement and take the vehicle back at any time. If the prohibited use has caused or contributed to loss or damage to the vehicle the renter will be liable for the loss and damage up to the full value of the vehicle and related losses and fees. Please refer to Rental Terms and Conditions

Prohibited Uses of a vehicle are:

• you or your passengers acted recklessly or with deliberate intent to cause loss or damage to the vehicle including, but not limited to, where:

- the driver caused the vehicle to roll, tip or fall over and this has caused damage to the side and/or roof area of the vehicle;

- the driver caused undercarriage damage to the vehicle;

- you or your passengers sit or stand on the roof of the vehicle;

- a use which results in damage occurring above the windscreen line such as damage striking overhead or overhanging objects (such as trees and bridges) or driving into a barrier in a car park before it fully opens; or

- the driver drove the vehicle with a flat tyre, ignored a warning light, put the wrong fuel in the vehicle or lost the keys.

 driving the vehicle while under the influence of any drug, substance or intoxicating liquor to the extent that driver's ability to control the vehicle is impaired or where the driver’s blood level of any drug or alcohol is over the applicable State or Territory legal limit. If a person refuses or fails to provide a breath, blood or other sample when lawfully required to do so by police or as required by law, the driver is deemed to be over the legal limit;

• smoking in the vehicle or failing to keep the vehicle clean and returning it in an excessively dirty or smelly condition;

• the fitting of objects to the interior or exterior of the vehicle that are not authorised by Hertz;

•the driver fails to take reasonable precautions to safeguard the vehicle such as leaving windows open or keys in the vehicle, or failing to use the anti-theft system (if provided);

• the vehicle is used for committing an illegal or unlawful act (other than a traffic offence which does not automatically result in the loss of a drivers’ licence in the applicable State or Territory);

• the use of the vehicle by a person who was not authorised by Hertz as the main or additional driver or did not meet the driver requirements in the Agreement;

• the vehicle is used on a racetrack or for racing or undertaking reliability trials, rallies or other contests;

• the vehicle is sub-rented, transferred or sold;

•the vehicle is used to carry passengers (e.g. as a taxi or car sharing arrangement) unless Firefly consents in writing, or to carry cargo (except for commercial vehicles), for hire, reward or remuneration;

• the vehicle is used for hauling any goods that are incorrectly or inappropriately loaded or for the haulage of which the vehicle was not designed (including any hazardous materials, such as any gases or substances which may form explosive mixtures); or

 the vehicle is used for towing a trailer or any other vehicle, unless the vehicle has a towbar fitted by Hertz, in which case you have permission from Hertz to tow a trailer provided the weight and dimensions of the item being towed do not exceed the specified capacity of the vehicle (refer to the vehicle capacity guide in the following link www.hertz.com.au/vehiclecapacity.

• the vehicle is overloaded with passengers and/or baggage;

•the vehicle is driven on a beach or through a flooded road or otherwise through a body of water (including but not limited to a pothole, ditch or riverbed), fire, storm, cyclone, or other natural disasters;

 the vehicle is driven on unsealed roads (except for access roads to recognised camping or accommodation grounds or, sealed roads which are under repair, (unless specified in writing by Hertz or a road notified to you as prohibited by Hertz or off-road (eg on fire trails, tracks, fields or paddocks);

•the vehicle is driven in restricted areas, including airport service roads and associated areas;

• the vehicle is driven in the following areas and the vehicle is not a 4WD:

- in the Simpson Desert, on the Strzelecki Track and the Birdsville Track;

- in Western Australia on the Tanami Track, Gunbarrel Hwy, Gibb River Road and the Bungle Bungles;

- in Northern Territory on the Oodnadatta Track, Mereenie Loop Road, the Plenty Highway, Finke Road (between Alice Springs and Oodnadatta), Central Arnhem Road and Arnhem Land in general;

- in Queensland on Bourke Development Road from Chillagoe to Normanton, Cape York during the months from December to May inclusive, Savannah Way from Normanton to Borroloola and the Bloomfield Track;

• the vehicle is driven in any of the following areas at any time:

- in Western Australia on the Canning Stock Route and the Old Gunbarrel Hwy;

- in Northern Territory at the Lost City in Litchfield Park, Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls

• in Queensland on the Old Telegraph Track section of the road to Cape York, Boggy Hole (Finke Gorge National Park), the Old South and on Fraser Island.


• any other such location or region reasonably specified by a Hertz Location to you as an area or region which is prohibited as travelling to as it would have the potential to cause risk to the renter and/or vehicle due to current environmental conditions

IMPORTANT: Alpine Regions:

The vehicle should not be driven in the snow without the permission of Hertz. Specifically the vehicle should not be driven above the snow line in:

- New South Wales (being Jindabyne); or

- Victoria (being Bright), or

- Tasmania.

If the vehicle is driven above the snow line then you will be liable up the amount of the excess.

IMPORTANT: If the vehicle is used for a Prohibited Use:

- Renter will be responsible for any damage or losses up to the full value of the vehicle and other fees, related losses and expenses including towing as explained in the 'Damage and Loss' section on page 11of Hertz Standard Rental Terms

- your liability is not limited to the Accident Damage Excess (ADE);

- you will lose the benefit of any Optional Renter Protection Services you have purchased and

- we may terminate the Agreement and take the vehicle back at any time at your expense



For avoidance of doubt only 4WD vehicles are permitted in the following areas

In The Simpson Desert, on the Strzelecki Track and the Birdsville Track

In Western Australia on the Tanami Track, Gunbarrel Highway, Gibb River Road and the Bungle Bungles

In the Northern Territory on the Oodnadatta Track, Mereenie Loop Road, the Plenty Highway, Finke Road (between Alice Springs and Oodnadatta), Central Arnhem Road and Arnhem Land in general

In Queensland on the Bourke Development Road from Chillagoe to Normanton, Cape York during the months of December to May inclusive. Savannah Way from Normanton to Borroloola and the Bloomfield Track

Where a customer has made a booking for a vehicle that is not a 4WD, Hertz reserve the right to refuse the rental if they are planning to travel on any of the above routes.


Hertz Australia Rental Agreement


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