Alaska and Canada – cruises with a difference

Canada – the alternative cruise destination

A wonderful destination for spectacular scenery, impressive wildlife and bustling modern cities, but perhaps not an area that would immediately be linked with a luxury cruise. However, there is an incredible array of voyages to explore Canada and Alaska. If you are a cruise veteran looking for something different or interested in a unique way to explore Canada, a cruise could be the ideal choice.

Perhaps the most unique cruise experience of all within Canada is exploring the Great Bear Rainforest, located in British Columbia. A private yacht can be arranged to help discover a number of intriguingly remote areas. The Great Bear Rainforest is the natural habitat of many animals, including the elusive Spirit Bear. This creature is so rare it has become almost mythical, with the chance to catch sight of one a truly exciting prospect.

Whether you take a cruise through the Great Bear Rainforest or simply a day trip, there is a wide range of Canadian sightseeing excursions which can add variety and excitement to your visit to this great nation.

Round off your holiday in style with an Alaskan cruise: Holland America Alaska Cruise

Once you have seen everything you wish to see in Canada, there is no better way to round off your lifetime holiday than with a relaxing cruise through the unique coasts and bays of Alaska. With countless glaciers and other stunning scenery, visitors are occasionally lucky enough to witness whales leaping out of the sea and into the air, creating incredible photography opportunities, as well as an extremely large splash. Depending on your preferences, Alaskan cruises follow a number of different routes and starting locations, as well as ships of various sizes and luxuries.

Once your busy day of sightseeing is over, you can spend the evening in style with superb food and luxurious, comfortable staterooms.

Glacier Bay is one of the most popular and spectacular inclusions of many cruises to Alaska, but as with all 1st Class Holidays' packages, the journey you take is completely down to you. Our travel team will work with you every step of the way to create your ideal experience. You can enjoy unique cruising stories which could not be experienced anywhere else in the world.


Posted on 17th July 2022


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