BEST Holiday Destinations to go in August

Whether you are looking for the best holiday destinations to travel for couples, families, friends or just yourself; this article gathers the best 5 long-haul places to discover in August.

Being this month the peak season for holidays, we propose exploring somewhere outside the most popular jam-packed Europe destinations. From whale watching on the east coast of Canada to enjoying a paradisaic pristine beach in Mauritius. Our top 5 places to visit are not too hot or rainy, making them the perfect destination for anyone.

1. Eastern Canada


With so many places on the east coast, Niagara Falls is not the only attraction that you can visit all year round, discover legendary views across the Atlantic Ocean, historic cities, delicious cuisine, and spectacular landscapes.

The best way to enjoy Eastern Canada is by planning the perfect itinerary with all the activities that you want to do. Check out our handpicked packages with the most iconic places to discover. With fascinating views and culture, each city on the east coast will impress you in its own way, especially Ottawa, Montreal, and Québec City.

There are many activities in Atlantic Canada that we recommend exploring, such as whale-watching below the impressive cliffs at New Brunswick, epic hiking trails and much more. Why not indulge yourself in luscious fresh seafood on the east coast? There are plenty of restaurants to choose from!

With enjoyable weather in August, Eastern Canada is a great destination to experience an extraordinary adventure throughout the pulsating metropolises and beautiful nature.

2. The Cook Islands


With stunning white sand beaches, diverse marine life and extraordinary strong culture, this 15-isle archipelago is one of the most authentic and rustic destinations in the South Pacific.

Focused on sustainable tourism, the Cook Islands are the perfect untouched paradise with nature and culture in mind. Explore the archipelago with the great variety of eco-friendly outdoor activities they offer, which is yet another reason to visit this extraordinary place. Also, get a feel for the flavours of the Cook Islands around Rarotonga where you can taste the most exquisite cuisine and generous seafood dishes.

Perfect for nature lovers, these unspoilt islands feature amazing scenery, lush vegetation, and the most beautiful lagoons you could ever imagine. Enjoy snorkelling and kayaking surrounded by a ring of coral and sand islets in the blue waters of the South Pacific. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, try diving in one of the best hotspots in the world to see sharks and manta rays. There is more! For hike seekers, we recommend exploring the verdant rainforest and volcanic interior, which is one of the most popular inland activities. You will be surrounded by native birds as well as incredible views of the islands.

The breath-taking turquoise lagoons, white sand beaches, dramatic volcanic mountains, perfect weather and its strong Polynesian culture make The Cook Islands the ideal vacation to explore paradise. Take a look at our fantastic itineraries here.

3. Chicago, Illinois State


If you want to combine a metropolis scape with a sunny beach vacation, Chicago will impress you with its grand architecture, multicultural cuisine and 18 miles of sandy beaches. 

The heat of summer starts to fade in August, which makes it perfect to explore the outdoors. Chicago offers thousands of all-kind restaurants that serve diverse cooking, representing various kitchens in the world, such as Italian, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese to name a few. In addition, this city compromises an array of local breweries. There are in fact fantastic beer festivals and beer tasting events for you to enjoy in August. 

Furthermore, Chicago is also notorious for its stately skyline, along with several exquisite designs. Treat yourself to a boat tour to appreciate this eye-catching city. Why not upgrade it with a helicopter tour? Nothing better than enjoying the architectural wonders from above!

For sports enthusiasts, Chicago is bliss. There are numerous places in the city where you can watch live games played every day. If you are looking to socialise, check out all the abundant festivals and events this city has to offer in August. From the Green City Market to Chicago SummerDance, there is an activity for everyone. Among the most significant events that happen this month, we also recommend attending the well-known Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic, which is the biggest African American parade in America and has been happening each August since 1929.

These are some of the reasons why you need to visit Chicago in August, but this city is indeed a great destination any time of the year. Explore the sights and sounds of the windy city with our of our Chicago tours here.

4. Australia


As one of the world’s most remote countries, Australia is one of the few destinations that no matter your travel taste, will amaze you with its ocean wildlife, world-class wine and gleaming beaches. There are endless ways to enjoy this beautiful and exotic destination. Read more about it in our top 10 reasons why you need to visit Australia article.

Australia is not only famous for kangaroos, koalas and wombats, but you will also discover others you might not expect, like cockatoos, kookaburras and one of the planet’s largest birds, the emu. Most of Australia is still untouched and in its natural state, so you can find some of these creatures in their natural habitats.

Furthermore, being the 6th largest country in the world (in fact, the land area is larger than Europe!), explore Australia at your own pace, either with an escorted tour, rail journey and/or self-driving across the many cities and wild nature. Check out our great variety of itineraries to visit this sensational country here. Australia’s iconic road trips are suitable for everyone and there are so many options, from a 2-day trip to months that can be planned to drive circling the country. Explore its strong Aboriginal culture and enjoy a beautiful sunset from the most famous sacred place, Uluru. 

From its cultural richness to its stunning beaches, there is so much about this fascinating country that makes it so special.

5. Mauritius


Notorious for being the pearl of the Indian Ocean, this remote archipelago is full of inland activities for everybody and for any occasion. It also enjoys fantastic weather all year round due to Mauritius’s great location. We offer a great selection of itineraries to explore this beautiful destination, check them out here.

Furthermore, it compromises over a hundred beaches along the turquoise coastlines. Fancy a seaside vacation? You won’t be disappointed with Mauritius’ beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and warm lagoons. However, if you are looking for more than just the sun-lounger, enjoy a distinctive cuisine influenced by French, Indian, African and Asian kitchens after a day of golfing in spectacular sea views and open coastal panoramas. Mauritius is in fact the third country in the world where golf is played and one of the top sports on the island.

Seeking an underwater adventure? This island has plenty of options for anyone. Mauritius is surrounded by extraordinary coral reeds and flourishing marine life, with over 4,000 species of fish and shellfish. Many local operators offer underwater excursions like diving and glass-bottom outings, but you can also try kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, sailing or even swimming alongside dolphins and whales.

Often referred to as Paradise Island, the golden sandy beaches make it one of the most desirable destinations for romantic experiences. Mauritius was indeed awarded in 2013 as the best wedding and honeymoon destination by the World Travel Award.

Due to its tropical climate, wild waterfalls, lush forestation, mountain ranges, water and inland sports, we consider Mauritius one of the top best holiday destinations in August.

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