Discover the Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill, Manitoba is the Polar Bear Capital of the World. In October and November people from all over the world come to view these magnificent creatures. Read about wildlife enthusiast Brandi’s visit to the unique Tundra Buggy Lodge:

“Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere. No buildings, no crowds, no sounds of city life – nothing but the whistling of the wind, a great expanse as far as the eye can see and polar bears roaming by.

“Standing on the observation deck of the Tundra Buggy Lodge, looking out at the stark landscape made me feel like I had landed on the moon. As I approached the Lodge I finally understood what our guide meant when she said ‘the tundra landscape is the closest I can get to imagining what it’s like on the moon, and the Tundra Buggy Lodge is our space station’.

“The Lodge sits at the edge of Hudson Bay on the tip of Polar Bear Point, so named for the seasonal residents that congregate in the area, waiting for the sea ice to form on the Bay so they can return to their hunting grounds. Visitors come to catch a glimpse of the world’s largest land carnivore and to experience something truly amazing.

“On entering the Lodge with its two accommodation units, a lounge car and dining car, I joined my fellow guests in looking over our photos from a successful day out on the Tundra Buggy, seeing several bears and learning about these incredible animals from our guide.

“Polar bear sightings at the Lodge are common. As the only ‘building’ for miles, these curious bears often approach the Lodge, to check things out and to see if there is anything edible to enjoy. Much to the bears’ dismay, not one drop of food, water or waste touches the ground. The Lodge is self-contained and there are strict rules about not feeding the wildlife.

“Aside from the opportunity to fall asleep and wake up with polar bears outside your window, one of the best features of the Lodge are the outdoor observation decks that connect the units These platforms allow for encounters with bears, photography opportunities and, if the sky is clear, incredible northern lights viewing.

“Standing in the clear air on the observation deck, surrounded by the vast landscape, makes you realise it’s one of the best places in the world to be.”


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Posted on 8th August 2016


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