Top 8 Places to eat in America

Top 8 Places to eat in America

When it comes to American food, the country is best known for the ‘fast’ option. However, from a country with such a rich variety of cuisine and superb, locally sourced produce, there is plenty of Michelin starred restaurants and culinary creativity too. From the superb local classics of a Route 66 Diner, complete with booths, to the finest Sushi New York can offer, your taste buds will not be left wanting. Over these pages we highlight just a handful of our favourite places to eat. 

8. Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que


In Kansas City, barbecue is a way of life. It is believed that smoke has mystical properties and has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It can even transform a neighbourhood corner gas station into one of the most popular restaurants on the planet.

7.The Cheese Board Collective


The Cheese Board Collective is an independent bakery, pizzeria and cheese counter in Berkley, California. This joint opened its doors in 1985 and serves the freshest pizzas in the neighbourhood. With their homemade dough and locally sourced toppings from unusual cheeses and the freshest vegetables its not hard to see why they made it in our top places to eat.

6. SeaBlue

Fish Dish

The concept of SeaBlue began as an effort to create a dining destination restaurant that not only uses the finest high quality, locally produced foods, but also offers contemporary cuisine in a sophisticated yet tranquil environment. Based in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina SeaBlue brings the delicacies from the blue sea and from under the blue sky with inspired creativity and talent from award winning chefs.

5. Paseo

Paeso restaurant food

Paseo is a Caribbean themed sandwich place in the heart of Seattle. Perfecting the art of Caribbean food for 21 years using only the freshest, locally produced ingredients, Paseo craft some of the best sandwiches in the States. Paseo definition: “A leisurely walk or stroll” creating a fabulous, mouthwatering and mind-molding foodie triumph.

4. Mamas Fish House

Fish Dish at Mamas Fish House

Mamas Fish house is an authentic and original restaurant situated in the heart of Maui, Hawaii. Every morning fishermen search the ocean for exquisite tasting fish which is then prepared by seafood experts; what they catch that morning is what's on the menu. So if you’re looking for the freshest fish in Hawaii, Mamas Fish House is your next stop.

3. Eleven Madison Park

Floral Tree

New York meets Europe in this extraordinary restaurant which offers modern cuisine with a magnificent twist. Be treated like royalty at Eleven Madison Park as you indulge in the mouthwatering menus that consist of over 12 courses. But here's the twist, you don't choose what you eat, the chef decides and they never fail to impress. 

2. Sushi Nakawa


Sushi Nakazawa, based in New York, serves the omakase of Chef Daisuke Nakazawa. Within the twenty-course meal lies his passion for sushi, with ingredients sourced both domestically and internationally. The chef crafts a very special tasting menu within the style of Edomae sushi and only the finest and freshest food find it's way to your plate at Sushi Nakazawa

1. Daniel

Daniel restaurant fish dish

Chef Daniel Boulud’s renowned restaurant delights the senses with elegant ambiance, gracious service and delectable menus in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This Michelin star restaurant serves award winning contemporary French cuisine inspired my the seasons and accompanied by world class dishes. Experience a once in a lifetime meal you will never forget, at Daniel - New York



Posted on 2nd March 2017

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