Top 5 things to do in the Yukon

The Yukon, located in Canada’s northwest is certainly a place like no other. With something to do in every season, it comes alive in the winter season. With so many unique things to experience, we have narrowed it down to the TOP 5:

1.    Experience the Northern Lights

Yukon Northern Lights

The Yukon is home to nature’s most desirable light show, watch the sky explode with ribbons of colour on average of 200 nights per year. The Yukon is located directly under the Auroral Oval – a concentrated area with low-humidity, crystal-clear nights and perfectly situated under the Earth’s band of maximal Auroral activity. With a plethora of different ways of viewing the aurora borealis in the Yukon, there is something to suit every itinerary. Although they are visible from mid-August to mid-April, we’d recommend visiting during the first few weeks of winter, ideally on a clear dark night between 10pm and 3am. 

2.    Go dogsledding along snowy trails  

Yukon Dogsledding

There are countless ways to enjoy the colder months in the Yukon. Gorgeous winter scenery and excitable sled dogs make for a thrilling adventure along snowy trails, through valleys and across frozen rivers, dogsledding is the epitome of exhilarating adventure in the Yukon.

3.    Snowmobiling through winding trails 


If you're looking for a bit of speed, snowmobiling is a fantastic way to get around! Snowmobile around Dawson City, a town on the banks of the Yukon River that boasts a First Nations Heritage and Gold Rush history or choose to explore the capital, Whitehorse. The beauty of snowmobiling is you can enjoy a thrilling ride wherever you choose to go, flying past snowy branches of winding trails, pausing for some wilderness photography or riding out to a frozen lake and giving ice fishing a try. 

4.    Ski through the Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Embark on one of the most popular winter activities in the Yukon and ski through Yukon's Wildlife Preserve. Only 30 minutes from downtown Whitehorse, the Yukon Wildlife Preserve spans over 700-acres and is home to 11 different species of animals including moose, arctic fox and muskox. The three-mile scenic loop gives you ample opportunities to glide through the reserve and spot the animals and the feeding stations throughout also allow you to get a closer sighting.

5. Fatbiking across frozen lakes

Fatbiking Yukon

Popular with the locals in the winter, fatbikes are a fantastic way to manouver through snow, across frozen lakes and through endless untouched trails. Head up to Bennett Lake, grab a hot coffee and enjoy the snow-covered mountains rising up from the shoreline or for a remote, longer day's ride, visit Fish Lake and Bonneville Lakes near Whitehorse who serve up some amazing views. In Whitehorse, ride alongside the Yukon River on the multi-use Millennium Trail, and if you're after the most popular spots, Grey Mountain and McIntyre are a must-visit. 


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Posted on 12th October 2021


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