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The Yukon territory measures in at a massive 483,450 km² (about the size of Spain) and is situated east of Alaska, between British Columbia and the Arctic Ocean.

The name “Yukon” originated from the Gwich'in native word "Yuk-un-ah," meaning "Great River," referring to the Yukon River that flows across the territory.

Measuring only one square mile, the Carcross desert in the Yukon is affectionately known as the smallest desert in the world.

The Yukon is home to the toughest dog sled race on Earth, the Yukon Quest, spanning more than a thousand miles (1,600 km).

Dawson City

Set in a bygone era of the Gold Rush, Yukon’s Dawson City offers an insight into the early days of Canada. Visit Whitehorse for some of the best opportunities to view the spectacular Northern Lights. 

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Northern Lights in The Yukon: Everything you need to know


The Yukon is certainly a place like no other, and although there are wonderful things to do in every season, it truly comes alive in the winter. There are dozens of reasons why you should visit Yukon, such as experiencing the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights.

If you fancy spotting one of the great natural wonders of the world, the best place to see them is in the wilderness of northern Canada. From the ideal time of year to the location, here you will find everything you need to know to ensure you don’t miss out on the famous light show in Yukon.

Yukon Northern Lights

Top 4 things to do in winter in the Yukon


The Yukon is certainly a place like no other, and although there are wonderful things to experience in every season, it truly comes alive in the winter.

Experience the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, go dogsledding along snowy trails, grab a pair of skis and glide your way from animal to animal at Yukon Wildlife Preserve or go snowmobiling throughout this winter wonderland!

Where to go in the Yukon


There's plenty to do in Whitehorse; take to the historic Yukon River that flows through town, hike your way through hundreds of trails or climb into the seat of a float plane on Schwatka Lake and fly off to wild, secluded places. 


Klondike is home to one of the last great gold rushes and the region has deep-rooted First Nations culture. Here, history is everywhere. Take a boat to the fascinating historic village of Fort Selkirk, or drive the Top of the World Highway for beautiful panoramic views. 


In the summer, Kluane comes alive with sunshine, songbirds and wildflowers. Ancient icefields, huge glaciers and mountains dominate this region all year long. Wildlife viewing can include mountain goats and Dall sheep on the mountainside, and grizzly and black bears are often seen munching on plants along the highway.

Silver Trail (Highway 1)

The name “Silver Trail” is due to the area's silver mining boom—a lesser-known era than the Klondike gold rush. Enjoy a tucked-away arts scene or paddle a historic river... Just be sure to give the right of way to any majestic moose or impressive mammals that may cross your path!

Fall in love with the Yukon in Autumn



Take in breathtaking scenery as the landscape changes from green to orange, yellow and red. From September to October, you can experience the beauty of Yukon in autumn.

From bear-watching, hiking, and fishing to experiencing the Northern Lights, this territory has truly something for everyone.


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