Across Lakeland, Prairies and Soaring Mountain Peaks

The Canadian Service - Toronto to Vancouver

Via Rail - The Canadian

VIA Rail’s flagship service links Canada’s largest city Toronto and cosmopolitan Vancouver. Crossing the Northern Ontario Lakelands, the wide open prairies and the Rockies, it is one of the longest rail journeys in the world, taking four days to complete.

Linking Toronto and Vancouver, the Canadian is one of the world's most legendary and popular rail journeys. Whether for its breathtaking landscapes, its attentive and courteous service or its outstanding dining, this train provides a lifetime of memories for thousands visitors to Canada every year.

You don’t have to do the full journey or complete it in one go. Break the trip in Winnipeg and see the Polar bears in Churchill; in Jasper or Edmonton and explore the Rockies. You can also use it as a one way trip between Vancouver and Jasper, the journey from Kamloops is during the day and the scenery is stunning.

The Canadian Train Journey Highlights

  • 4 night journey across Canada between Toronto and Vancouver
  • Travel via Winnipeg, Edmonton and Jasper
  • NEW Prestige Sleeper class for ultimate luxury and refinement onboard
  • All meals included in Sleeper classes
  • Refurbished trains
5 Days

Based on Upper Berth accommodation

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An unforgettable rail experience on Prestige Sleeper class

Prestige Sleeper provides an unforgettable rail experience. The car features six high-end Prestige Sleeper cabins offering elegant contemporary décor.

  • 50% larger cabin than in Sleeper Plus Cabin for 2
  • 60% larger window than Sleeper Plus Cabin for 2
  • Modular leather L-shaped couch by day and a bed for two by night facing the window
  • Private washroom with shower
  • Flat-screen TV with video selection
  • Minibar stocked with a selection of beverages
  • Electric radiant heated cabin floors and walls

The Prestige Park Car offers unique features that ensure an extraordinarily enjoyable journey. Spectacular views, complimentary bar service, snacks and specialty coffees, varied activities such as wine tastings, and interactive talks on local history, geography and culture are all part of the experience. The car includes a Prestige Sleeper cabin and a wheelchair accessible cabin.

Class and comfort

Prestige Sleeper class offers the following exclusive benefits:

  • Personalised dedicated service provided by the Prestige Concierge
  • Spacious, comfortable and luxurious cabins
  • Priority access to the following services: checked baggage; reservations in the dining car, offering delicious meals prepared by on board Chefs
  • All-inclusive bar service

Access to the Prestige Park, Skyline and Panorama* Cars where you can meet fellow travellers, participate In numerous engaging activities, and enjoy the superb views of Canada’s stunning landscapes.

Sleeper Plus

Offering cosy accommodation, cuisine prepared by the on-board chef and impeccable service. Let yourself be gently rocked by the peaceful rhythm of the train in a berth, a cabin for one or two or a suite in VIA Rail's Sleeper Plus Class.

Sleeper Plus Accommodation Types

  • Upper and Lower Berths: Berth accommodation is the most economical of VIA Rail’s sleeping cars. By day, the two berths transform into two double seats that face each other. By night, the double seats give way to two cosy, comfortable beds, each equipped with a reinforced privacy curtain. Washroom and shower facilities are located only a few metres away in the same car.
  • Cabin for 1: The smallest sleeping car accommodation is the private cabin for 1. By day, you will enjoy a comfortable seat, by night a cosy bed. Each cabin includes a fan, electrical outlet, private toilet & sink. The door locks from the inside and the shower is only a few metres down the hall.
  • Cabin for 2: Each cabin features two armchairs, a small closet, fan, electrical outlet, private toilet & sink. The door locks from the inside and the shower is only a few metres down the hall. By night, the armchairs collapse to make way for comfortable upper and lower bunks.
  • Park car - panoramas and elegance: The Park car at the rear of the train has three separate salons, exclusively for the use of Sleeper Plus passengers. The Dome is an upper observation deck, where you have 360- degree views of impressive landscapes. Below, in the curved 1950s-style bar, you’ll be served aperitifs and a choice of fine wines. In the Bullet Lounge, with its wrap-around windows, you can settle back in stylish armchairs with a cup of afternoon tea and read one of the variety of newspapers and magazines available.
  • The Dining car: Your Sleeper Plus class fare includes all meals as appropriate to your journey. The dining car is elegant yet casual. Passengers find that its style and ambience combine with the spectacular views outside to create a special mood - whether at breakfast, lunch or any of the three evening sittings.

Economy Class

Offering spacious seats with space to stretch and relax & electrical outlets on all the seats. Meals are not included in the price of the fare, however light meals, hot drinks, refreshments & alcoholic drinks are available to purchase. You also have access to the Skyline car, which offers snacks and beverages.

Economy fares are available on request.

Canadian Train - Travel Timetable
Westbound Peak Season (Effective April 29, 2019)

Train #1
Depart Toronto - 09:30: Wednesdays & Sundays
Arrive Winnipeg - 19:30/ Depart Winnipeg - 21:30: Thursdays & Mondays
Arrive Saskatoon - 10:50 / Depart Saskatoon - 11:50: Fridays & Tuedays
Arrive Edmonton - 20:50: Fridays & Tuesdays / Depart Edmonton - 00:01: Saturdays & Wednesdays
Arrive Jasper - 06:30 / Depart Jasper - 09.30: Saturdays & Wednesdays
Arrive Kamloops (North) - 18:28 / Depart Kamloops (North) 19.03: Saturdays & Wednesdays
Arrive Vancouver - 08.00: Sundays & Thursdays
Train #3 May 03 - Oct 11
Depart Edmonton - 00:01: Fridays
Arrive Jasper - 06:30 / Depart Jasper - 09.30: Saturdays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Arrive Kamloops (North) - 18:28 / Depart Kamloops (North) 19.03: Saturdays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Arrive Vancouver - 08.00: Sundays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Eastbound Peak Season (Effective April 29, 2019)

Depart Vancouver - 15.00: Mondays & Fridays
Arrive Kamloops (North) - 00:17 / Depart Kamloops (North) 00:52: Tuesdays & Saturdays
Arrive Jasper - 11:00 / Depart Jasper - 12:30: Tuesdays & Saturdays
Arrive Edmonton - 18:50 / Depart Edmonton - 19:50: Tuesdays & Saturdays
Arrive Saskatoon - 06:57 / Depart Saskatoon - 07:57: Wednesdays & Sundays
Arrive Winnipeg - 22:00 - Wednesdays & Sundays / Depart Winnipeg - 00:01: Thursdays & Mondays
Arrive Toronto - 15.00: Fridays & Tuesdays
Train #4  Apr 10 - Oct 08

Depart Vancouver - 15.00: Tuesdays
Arrive Kamloops (North) - 00:17 / Depart Kamloops (North) 00:52: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays
Arrive Jasper - 11:00 / Depart Jasper - 12:30: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays
Arrive Edmonton - 18:50 / Depart Edmonton - 19:50: Wednesdays
VIA Rail trains can be subject to delays due to preference given to freight services. Timetables are a guide only, and we do not recommend making onward travel arrangements on the day you are due to end your rail journey. Compensation is not offered for rail delays.


Via Rail - The Canadian


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