TOP Holiday Destinations to go in September

We love travelling in September for various reasons: off-season prices, less crowded, the weather is still good and there are still a great variety of activities to experience available!

For this month, our top 5 long-haul destinations to visit in September are Hawaii, New York, British Columbia, French Polynesia and South Africa. Continue reading to discover the reasons why these 5 destinations are our best options to travel in this month.

1. Hawaii, USA


The lush rainforests and golden beaches of the Hawaiian archipelago combined with each island’s charm make it the perfect destination for families, couples, friends or just yourself. With so many things to do, there is truly something for everyone… visit the famous Pearl Harbour, try outdoor activities such as surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, and enjoy the natural wonders of Hawaii, including its waterfalls, canyons, and dramatic coastlines.

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii but not sure where to start, check out our handpicked holidays here. Diverse in size, culture and population, every island endeavours its unique paradise with incredible experiences to do. Read more about each island and decide which one suits you best here.

From fantastic beaches, and breath-taking natural beauty to diverse culture and unique cuisine, any of the Hawaiian Islands is perfect for a September gateway.

2. New York, USA


There are plenty of reasons why everyone should visit the Big Apple at least once in their lives, from the amazing nightlife to stunning old architecture and beyond. New York is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and we don’t wonder why!

The first thing that springs to mind when you think of New York City is the glitz and glamour; the bright lights of Times Square and the rush of yellow taxis. But do you know anything about each of New York City’s five unique boroughs? If not, we’ve got you covered! Read our article here.

New York is also well known for being in constant shift, expanding outdoor spaces all the time. So even if you have been before, there is always something new to explore. Planning a weekend escape? Click here to check an itinerary we’ve put together; you may want to follow it to make the most out of your flying visit to the Big Apple.

3. British Columbia, Canada


Being our most popular destination, we’ve lost count of the number of reasons to visit Canada. Check our article about why you need to visit this extraordinary country here.

Canada is such a diverse country with a great variety of activities to do and places to discover. For this month, we wanted to highlight British Columbia as the top destination to visit in September. View our itineraries to get an idea of the incredible sights, cities, and attractions you could visit here.

British Columbia is known for its remarkable scenery and, also spectacular wilderness. Discover the natural beauty in its seven national parks as well as enjoy a great variety of outdoor activities and incredible scenery across the mountains, lakes, and cities.

Paddle along a glacial lake; dip into natural hot springs at Radium Hot Springs in Kootenay National Park; watch as a humpback whale breaches the Pacific Ocean, hike the legendary mountain range, the Canadian Rockies, or perhaps, explore the impressive Coast Mountains; do it all in British Columbia. Bear-watching is also one of the most popular activities you could do any time of the year, in fact, did you know Canada is home to 60% of the world's entire bear population? Check here for the best bear spotting locations in Canada!

4. French Polynesia


With so many places to discover, you could never get bored in French Polynesia. In addition, September is the month with the longest days, making it perfect for the great variety of outdoor activities they offer. View our itineraries to get an idea of the incredible sights, beaches, and attractions you could visit here.

Tropical landscapes, untouched beaches, volcanic mountains, cascading waterfalls… there is so much to see in the 118 islands and atolls that comprise French Polynesia. Experience once in a lifetime gateway by making boat trips to explore the most popular islands: Maupiti, Nuku Hiva, Moorea, Tahiti and Bora Bora.

The white sandy beaches, varied shades of blue water and unlimited water sports and activities make it perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a paradisiacal holiday in a remote part of the South Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, these islands offer an extraordinary Polynesian culture and history, influenced by a hint of French including their appetizing food and drinks. One of the most popular dishes is called Poisson Cru, a national meal made from coconut milk, raw tuna, lime juice, and various vegetables – delicious savours!

5. South Africa


Discover an extraordinary combination of cultures, delectable cuisine, and endless landscapes in South Africa. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the most iconic places, from the gorgeous blue waters of Table Bay, the incredible Garden Route, and Cape Winelands to the Big Five Safari experience, this exotic country has it all.

Cape Town is notorious for being South Africa’s cuisine destination as well as its extraordinary landscapes, dramatic scenery, and world-class wine tasting experiences. Get also delighted at its fantastic urban beaches, where you can enjoy magnificent views and penguins in their habitat.

Furthermore, South Africa is one of the most iconic destinations to tick off the Best Big 5 safari (elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion, and leopard), with its superior conservation areas and national parks, you have a great variety of sites to visit.

The varied topography, great natural beauty, perfect weather, and cultural diversity make South Africa the perfect destination to go to in September. View our itineraries to get an idea of the incredible sights, beaches, and attractions you could visit here.

Inspired to explore these amazing destinations, request our brochure here. If this article has inspired you to visit any of the above destinations, our team of expert advisors would be happy to personalise your perfect holiday, just call us on 0161 888 5632 or click here to explore more holidays with First Class Holidays.

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